Can agriculture cope with climate change?

Yes, agriculture will adapt and modify techniques and processes to alleviate climate change affects on yield and productivity. Water use in broadacre terms is reliant on natural rainfed systems, therefore by using moisture retention methods and the right cropping rotation crops will endure the climate.




6 Responses to “Can agriculture cope with climate change?”

  1. mseyfang Says:

    I agree. Agriculture will adapt. Will the current crop of farmers and bureaucrats?

  2. KerryJ Says:

    Howdy new blogger! Do you think that gm crops bred for drier conditions will find their way onto our continent?

  3. testlambsy Says:

    Drought tolerant wheats are being developed as a GM seed. the problem with take up by the farming community is the cost of purchasing the new seed and the paybacks of growing it.

  4. Learning with the Fang » Blog Archive » Converstations started at yesterday’s web2 bootcamp Says:

    […] Lambsy thinks the type of broadacre farming prevalent here in South Australia is sustainable because there is scope to adapt. […]

  5. Michelle Says:

    I have just listened to a great podcast about the future of rainfed agriculture verus irrigated crops. You might like to listen. It is the the 2007 Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture from Dr Bridget Scanlon, presenting an address on the:

    ‘Impacts of Changing Land Use on Subsurface Water Resources in Semi-arid Regions’.

    Bridget makes some interesting comments about the long term benefits see after once off deep ripping.

  6. testleroy Says:

    Hi also, new to blogging, I think the public acceptance of new GM cereals crops will also take time.

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